Forest Fire

from by District 97

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I got away - I dodged it
I'm buried deep in the woods
I found a match and bombed it
Set every surface on fire
'Cause it's the bright I desire

It never gets dark in my forest

I'm spending all my time
Collecting things to burn in my
Forest fire
It's never gonna stop
From burning way too hot
Unless it burns out over time

Safe and soundly
I'll walk away from the ash
And light up as soon as I can
I'll never get it a spark if it's wet

I'm spending all my time
Trying to make the spark ignite
My forest fire
But I can never win
Don't know where to begin
Running out of things that
Are dry enough to catch on fire

You can want it to
All you want if you
Want it to, you can
All you want if you
Really want it to
‘Cause you can if you want


from Screens, released October 4, 2019


all rights reserved


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